Software Build Distribution

This page provides links to: Software Source and Builds for multiple architectures.

1. Software, Binary Builds, and Data are provided without warranty for fitness for any use.

Software Builds (Binaries):

Macintosh OS Software builds for MacOS

Windows (32-bit) Software builds for Windows(x86)

Windows (64-bit) Software builds for Windows(x86-64)

Linux (32-bit) Software builds for Linux(x86)

Linux (64-bit) Software builds for Linux(x86-64)

Power PC Software builds for PPC (OSX or Linux) -- Mostly novelty builds; additional details in the readme files

Useful Links:

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Other Servers: A backup website (and host for server-side computing) Home page

Source Codes, Makefiles:

FORTRAN FORTRAN Codes, Data, and Related Files

PYTHON PYTHON Scripts, Data, and Related Files

C/C++ C++/C Codes, Data, and Related Files

RUBY RUBY Scripts, Data, and Related Files

EXCEL-VBA EXCEL-VBA Spreadsheets, Data, and Related Files

R R/RStudio Scripts, Data, and Related Files

PERL PERL Scripts, and Related Files

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