Literature for: Hydraulic Transients in Pipeline Networks and Collection Systems


Research Document Collection for Transient Pipe Network and Collection Systems Analysis
The goal is to develop useable code that is open source (GPU or MIT license model)

Pipeline Network Documents (As of August 2017)

Quest for a New Solver for EPANET 2 Burger, G., Sitzenfrei, R., Kleidorfer, M., and Rauch, W. (2016) "Quest for a New Solver for EPANET 2"
J. Water Resour. Plann. Manage., 2016, 142(3): 04015065

A Gradient Algorithm for the Analysis of Pipe Networks E. Todini and S. Pilati(2016)
"A Gradient Algorithm for the Analysis of Pipe Networks"
Computer Applications in Water Supply Volume 1 - Systems Analysis and Simuation; Coulbeck and Orr (Eds.) Research Studies Press Lecthworth, Hertfordshire, ENGLAND

Hydraulic Transients in Networks Maldonado, Daniel Adrian, and Lluıs Antoni Jiménez Rugama. (201X) "Hydraulic Transients in Networks."
-- year unknown, but reference list cites a 2013 publication.

Smart Water Networks and Cyber Security Rasekh,A., Hassanzadeh, A., Mulchandani, S., Modi, S. and Banks, M. K., (2016)
"Smart Water Networks and Cyber Security"
J. Water Resour. Plann. Manage., 2016, 142(7): 01816004

Implicit Method Transient Pipeline Networks Greyvenstein, G. P. (2002), An implicit method for the analysis of transient flows in pipe networks.
Int. J. Numer. Meth. Engng., 53: 1127–1143. doi:10.1002/nme.323

Complex Network Analysis Program Khezzar, L., S. Harous and M. Benayoune. (2000). "Software Engineering Issues in the Design of an Upwardly-Complex Water Network Analysis Program."
Journal of Water Management Modeling R206-04. doi: 10.14796/JWMM.R206-04.

Drainage Networks Documents (As of August 2017)