The National Center for Infrastructure Modeling and Management (NCIMM) is a team comprised of the University of Texas, the United States Environmental Protection Agency, Brigham Young University, Texas A&M University, Texas Tech University, and the Urban Water Resources Institute. The three-tier partnership (Government Agency, University Consortium, and Private Corporation) is dedicated to the preservation and advancement of modeling tools for infrastructure analysis and management, training on the use of those tools, and expansion of the tools to incorporate changes in the computational environment and end user needs.

The mission is being accomplished by a balance of Outreach, Research, Code Development, and Administration.

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NCIMM Home Page

The archives on this server represent a static collection of EPANET related binaries, source codes, example files, documentation, and video demonstrations. The purpose of these archives is to satisfy the preservation mission of NCIMM with regards to EPANET.

The link below will take you to the collection of recent NCIMM builds of EPANET.


NCIMM research at the University of Texas is focused on development of a solver that uses artifical compressibility to produce a common EPANET/SWMM hydraulic solver for future versions of the software. The solver is to be developed to insert into the code framework without damage to useability and backward compatability.

NCIMM research at Texas Tech University is focused on the development of an On-Line implementation of EPANET, with a rudimentary builder interface to allow entire models to be built, run, and interpreted entirely through a web-browser. The target of the On-Line interface is students and professionals learning to build models in EPANET, or users wanting to run small system models remotely. There are well developed commercial tools for web-based model runs and output interpretation for entities with existing model configurations.

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Many other entities are engaged in EPANET research -- a partial list of links is included in the next panel below!

NCIMM is just one of many entities engaged in the promotion, use, maintenance, and preservation of EPANET as a tool for water distribution design, analysis, and operations. The link below is a list of other entities that are engaged in EPANET related work. These other entities are listed in alphabetical order without regard to entity type (Commercial, Academic, Government, Open Source Community). If your organization is not listed please contact me at ( with the URL to your organization and I will add it to the list.

The link below will take you the current list of entities engaged in EPANET use, development, and preservation.