SWMM On-Line Entry Page

Welcome to SWMM On-Line.

About SWMM On-Line

SWMM On-Line is a server-side computation engine that reads user supplied SWMM5 files {filename.inp}, instantiates a SWMM run, and returns an ASCII output file {filename.out}.

SWMM On-Line is an experimental tool to investiagte and develop an entirely web-based SWMM toolkit that may someday suppliment or replace end-user SWMM installations.

The value to the modeling community would be a single instance of the SWMM model so that as future versions are built, they too can be placed into an on-line implementation so the end user is always able to use the most current stable version of SWMM.

Older versions would remain available for validating historical installations.

The current version uses a challenge-password to access the on-line computation engine.

This model is to limit the concurrent user counts until the technology is developed enough to have many concurrent users.

The current system has a file size limitation, however SWMM5 input files are quite efficient and the limit should not be an issue.

Escape Routes: (ncimm page)

Maintenance Logs

Updated 2017-0329.

Programmed php uploader 2017-0329.

SWMM On-Line Project Manager:

SWMM5 On-Line I/O Files Displays Current SWMM On-Line Documents (FTP-type listing in browser)

Upload A New SWMM5 Input File Upload a SWMM5 Input File. The uploader will OVERWRITE CLOBBERS existing files if filenames are the same.

The ERROR handler is primitave -- if upload succeeds, you will get a message saying so; If the upload fails you may get a 404 Error, or just plain nothing.

Run a SWMM5 On-Line Model This will open an web-page where you supply input filename (already uploaded) and a desired output filename.

When you click SUBMIT, the server will attempt to run a SWMM model and produce an output file. During a model run, the server may be unresponsive, when the run is complete you can download the output file.

Wish List

Create a subdirectory builder in working files to manage individual projects

Improved ERROR handler for file upload/download

Run in nohup mode, send end user a message run is complete for long runs