Discharge in Pressure Conduit Given Head Loss

Computes Discharge given Diameter, Material, and Head Loss using Swamee Jain (1976)

D = Pipe diameter (in feet or meters)
g = Gravitational acceleration constant (32.2 ft/s^2 or 9.8 m/s^2)
hl = Head loss (in feet or meters)
L = Pipe length (feet or meters)
ks = Equivalent sand roughness height (a material property; in feet or meters)
v = Kinematic viscosity (in feet^2/second or meter^2/second)

Swamee and Jain, A. K., 1976. Explicit equations for pipe-flow problems.
ASCE J. of Hyd. Div., 102(HY5) pp. 657-664

Enter Value for Diameter (D in feet or meters) :

Enter Value for Gravitational acceleration (g in feet/s^2 or meters/s^2) :

Enter Value for Head loss (hl in feet or meters) :

Enter Value for Pipe Length (L in feet or meters) :

Enter Value for Roughness height (ks in feet or meters):

Enter Value for Kinematic viscosity (v in feet^2/second or meter^2/second):