Discharge Between Two Reservoirs (US Customary Units)

Pipeline connecting two reservoirs. Pool elevations are Z1 and Z2.
Pipeline length is L, diameter is D, sand roughness height is ks.
Pipeline can be analyzed with entrance and exit loss coefficients (Ki and Ke).
Pipline can be analyzed with 2 fitting (Kf) loss coefficients.
Calculator solves for flow rate in the pipeline.

Uses Jain equation to make initial flow estimate,then Newton's method to refine the estimate.

Detailed Explaination (Under Construction)

Pipeline Parameters Fittings Parameters
Pool Elevation (Z1):

Inlet Loss (Ki):

Pool Elevation (Z2):

Exit Loss (Ke) :

Pipeline Length (L) :

Fitting Loss (Kf) :

Pipeline Diameter (D) :

Fitting Loss (Kf) :

Sand Roughness Height (ks) :

Use zero fitting values to ignore minor losses
Kinematic Viscosity (nu) :

Gravitational Acceleration (g) :