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This web server contains on-going research and development by Dr. Theodore G. Cleveland and colleagues.

Included are:

University Course Contents.
Professional Course Contents.
Software Source and Builds for multiple architectures.
Research Information.


1. Software, Binary Builds, and Data are provided without warranty for fitness for any use.
2. Course content is intended for the use of students enrolled in respective courses.
3. Copyright materials are for use by students and researchers collaborating with Dr. Cleveland under fair-use principles of U.S. Copyright Code. Any other use is not permitted.
4. Some parts of the web site are password protected.

Content Links (1-3):

University Courses Links to University Courses

Professional Courses Links to Professional Development Courses

Software Development Links to Software Source Codes, Builds, and Related Tools

Useful Links:

My H&H Toolbox A Collection of Useful Fluid Mechanics, Hydrology, and Hydraulics Calculators

Infrastructure Modeling and Management Mock-up of an active software and training distribution environment (OSX-centric)

Strategic Research Program for Texas DOT A prototype website for research information interchange to support policy decisions (Move to Research)

Urban Water Resources Research Council (unofficial) Web Repository (Move to Service)

Document Sharing Workspace A document sharing website for 2-way file transfer on port 80

Other Servers: My "other" website

Content Links (4-6):

Research Projects Current and past research; data sets

Service Projects Professional Service

Publications My Publications

About Me:

About WRC and ENVE Faculty Brief profiles of Water and Environmental Faculty in CECE at TTU

About Me Links to My Resume, Photographs

My H&H Toolbox A Collection of Useful Fluid Mechanics, Hydrology, and Hydraulics Calculators

Software Archive

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